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We are pleased to be able to provide references from senior candidates who have also worked with other recruiters.

Hi Sean,

Happy to give feedback for you (this is not just for the ( name of employer removed ) hire by the way).

Uniquely when compared against your competitors I think you bring several things to the table:

1/ The level of briefing and feedback that you provide prior to a meeting. When first presented with it many years ago, I thought you were a bit over the top, but I have never been caught out in an interview in terms of role, personalities or probable direction of interview – and I cannot say that for any of your competitors. People ignore your briefings at their peril.

2/ I love the level of communication that you provide and your desire to nail everything down. I suspect it may occasionally wind up the companies that you are recruiting for, but from my side of the fence I find it reassuring that someone cares about the detail and clarity of communication. As with 1above I have never not understood what the next step in the process is and that is down to clarity of communication.

3/ You also come across as caring that your candidate does well – even when in all probability you have put up more than one candidate.

Speaking with other people who have been placed by you, the above are fairly consistent themes and I do think it separates you (in my experience) from your competition.


I have been employed within the financial services sector in excess of 23 years and have utilised the services of recruitment agencies as both someone looking to recruit and whilst personally looking for new positions.

Recently Robinson Toms Recruitment were recently instrumental in me securing a director level role and in the whole process they displayed a level of professionalism rarely seen. They both prepare candidates as well as fully de-brief them after interviews which has been invaluable as the process develops. They have kept me fully aware of expectations, timescales, suggested useful souces of information and always been available to discuss any issues.

I would have no hesitations in fully recommending their services.

Regards P

Having dealt with the primary industry recruiters I have been especially impressed by Robinson Toms approach which has been distinctly different from other agencies.  I found the level of detailed discussions on past experience and skills at the start of the process very impressive and highlights that the firm is looking to place the right candidates in the right positions.

This is a real confidence booster as you are aware that your skills and personality profile is a good fit to the hiring company.  In addition to keeping you regularly updated, Robinson Toms provide excellent background information to assist you during the interview process, the level of detail, put into context of the wider business is extremely helpful.

Additionally they provide candid interview feedback in a constructive manner.  It was clear to me that Robinson Toms went the extra mile and I would / have recommend this firm.Thanks M

Thanks M

I would fully recommend Robinson Toms and Sean Toms in particular.As a candidate looking for a new role Sean got to know me and spent time getting know what I had to offer and what I was looking for.
Attending interviews, Sean made sure you were fully prepared

In :

-What was the role,
-Who was the interviewer and their background,
-How to approach the interview.

After the interview he provided feedback very quickly which has rarely been the case with previous recruitment companies.

Importantly once a job offer was made Sean, followed the process through chasing up when required and quickly coming back to me with updates and next steps.

Not hearing back from a recruitment company is frustrating as changing career is a big step for anybody to make.

Sean has always been accessible and on the odd occasion he has been unavailable he has always returned messages or calls very quickly.

Sean has made my change in roles as smooth as possible and I have enjoyed working with him and would recommend his services to other candidates.

Thanks S

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