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In an extension of our services to clients we now offer a range of consultancy services designed to maximize the potential to hire high achievers and retain staff.

With the of benefit national and international recruitment experience from 2000 we now provide consultancy advice on a wide range of recruitment issues , some examples are below :

•    Balancing the need to consider external talent against internal candidates , we can advise how best to achieve this and how to maintain internal motivation whilst simultaneously considering outside talent.

•    How efficient are your recruitment & selelection processes ? How long does it take from approval to hire to the candidate starting ? What could be done to shorten the process ? How many candidates do you lose during the selection process due to delays ?  What % of offers of employment are accepted  ? How can this be improved ?

•    Contracts of employment are written by lawyers to protect your business. They may be legally binding but how commercially saleable are they to a strong candidate ? The candidate may have more than one choice. What clauses do they contain that may mitigate against achieving an acceptance ?

•    What is your success rate recruiting senior staff ?  .We can advise the type of approach that will usually ensure success and which types of approach can often lead to failure and why.

•    What is your annual staff turnover ? Are you comfortable with this level ? What do you want to lower it to ? Is staff turnover higher with some of your managers than others ? Why is this ? . We can advise on strategies to reduce staff turnover and reduce costs as a consequence.

•    How do you motivate and measure your staff ? We can review commission & bonus plans to advise as to whether or not they drive behaviours that facilitate the success of your corporate objectives.

•   How can you retain your best staff ? Your high achievers will always be of interest to your competitors ,  irrespective of the state of the economy .We can advise strategies to help avoid resignations in the first place and also suggest a range of tactics that will help you retain a staff member in the face of an offer of employment from a competitor.

Contact Sean Toms on + 44 ( 0 ) 1691.670466 or contact me on to discuss in confidence our range of services.

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